Nick Digilio 3.2.20 | Local Sports with Kevin Powell, Car Talk with Tom Appel, The Best of Inside the Actor's Studio, Famous Music Feuds

Hour 1: + Kevin Powell, WGN Sports Hour 2: + Tom Appel, Consumer Guide Automotive Hour 3: + Remembering James Lipton + Best of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” + Best Interviewers of All Time Hour 4: + Best Interviewers of All Time (cont.) + Classic Stand-Up: Richard Lewis, 1981 + Flava Flav Gets Fired Hour […]

Nick Digilio 2.16.20 | Reviews of "Birds of Prey" and "Sonic the Hedgehog", Chicago Auto Show Recap, Forgotten 70s Shows, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke

Hour 1: + Movie Reviews with Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy Hour 2: + Chicago Auto Show Recap with Tom Appel Hour 3: + Fun Facts about “Fantasy Island” + Forgotten 70s TV Shows Hour 4: + Forgotten 70s TV Shows (cont.) + Classic stand up comedy from Gerry Shandling Hour 5: + Looking back […]

Car Talk with Tom Appel | The Future of Electric Cars and Turbo Charged Classics

Tom Appel of Consumer Guide Automotive takes you for a spin on the Nick Digilio Show with the latest news, reviews and more from the auto world. This time, Tom shares the latest on the highs and low of the growing electric auto market and looks back on classic turbo charged cars. To download this […]

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