Nick Digilio 3.2.20 | Local Sports with Kevin Powell, Car Talk with Tom Appel, The Best of Inside the Actor's Studio, Famous Music Feuds

Hour 1: + Kevin Powell, WGN Sports Hour 2: + Tom Appel, Consumer Guide Automotive Hour 3: + Remembering James Lipton + Best of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” + Best Interviewers of All Time Hour 4: + Best Interviewers of All Time (cont.) + Classic Stand-Up: Richard Lewis, 1981 + Flava Flav Gets Fired Hour […]

Nick Digilio 2.16.20 | Reviews of "Birds of Prey" and "Sonic the Hedgehog", Chicago Auto Show Recap, Forgotten 70s Shows, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke

Hour 1: + Movie Reviews with Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy Hour 2: + Chicago Auto Show Recap with Tom Appel Hour 3: + Fun Facts about “Fantasy Island” + Forgotten 70s TV Shows Hour 4: + Forgotten 70s TV Shows (cont.) + Classic stand up comedy from Gerry Shandling Hour 5: + Looking back […]

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