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Episode three, series five of on your radar: The New Normal  is brought to you by WGN Radio and the doctors and clinical staff over at Rosecrance. In this series we explore the impact for both the past and present that the pandemic has had on adults and their everyday lives. How have things changed, and how are some of the changes affecting adults as we look to settle back into our everyday lives and this new normal that we are looking to find. Tune in while Rosecrance’s Regional Vice President of Operations, Craig Stallings and the Vice President of Clinical Services at Rosecrance Jackson Centers, Brenda Iliff join WGN’s John Williams to discuss that people who are 65 and older account for only 16% of the US population and how 80% of all COVID-19 related deaths were among people 65 and older and what type of mental toll this could take on the older population. Then, the discussion transitions into a conversation about what loved ones can do to help family members or friends experiencing loss and depression and how friends and family can identify an older loved one in need of help.

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