Episode two, series five of on your radar: The New Normal  is brought to you by WGN Radio and the doctors and clinical staff over at Rosecrance. In this series we explore the impact for both the past and present that the pandemic has had on adults and their everyday lives. How have things changed, and how are some of the changes affecting adults as we look to settle back into our everyday lives and this new normal that we are looking to find. Tune in while the Rosecrance Regional President Carlene Cardosi, LCSW, CADC and Rosecrance’s Vice President of Human Resources, Kristin Hamblock join WGN’s John Williams to talk about some of the ways returning to the office has impacted staff, what sort of signs an employer should look out for as they have staff return to the workplace, and whether or not it is appropriate for HR to approach an employee displaying signs of extreme anxiety and how a company can help their staff connect with help.

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