BBQ All Time Great, Darren Warth on WINNING with His Food Family and Keeping it FUN for BBQ FITE Klub!

On the Road

Smokey D’s BBQ co-founder Darren Warth

The guy who has won just about all there is in competition BBQ joins Dane to share the Smokey D’s philosophy of fun. Hear as Darren Warth talk about how his success on the circuit led to restaurants and that consistency for customers is the same goal that gets Grand Championships. Listen as Darren fills us in on “Pinky Swear” and the important cause behind the story of how it all started. BBQ is family and Darren makes it clear as much as there is love for his fellow Pit-masters at BBQ FITE Klub coming up…he will be dispensing some “tough love” during the competition.

For more information on Darren, Smokey D’s BBQ and more go to and to learn about and support Pinky Swear and their important work, Check out

Be sure to tune in to Darren, Smokey D’s and more of the World’s Best BBQ teams for the BBQ FITE Klub click here!

Dane Neal

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