Veterans for Peace and the ‘Power to Peace’ Festival: “Our overall mission is to have a vision of a world without war”

Nocturnal Journal with Dave Hoekstra
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Dave Hoekstra previews the upcoming 1st Annual Power to Peace Festival, a music festival and convention produced by Veterans for Peace, slated for August 9-13 at the Palmer House Hilton, featuring a concert at the Vic Theatre on 8/11 with the likes of Watermelon Slim and Maggie Brown, and a performance at the Copernicus Center on 8/13 with Jackson Browne.

Veterans for Peace Executive Director Michael McPhearson and festival organizer Miles ‘Megaciph’ Thomas talk about their individual stories of serving and finding their mission, and about the program’s objectives to furthering public awareness of the cost of war, both human and capital, and providing a resource for GI rights.

In-studio with some live music are BA, Emery, Jeremy and Jared from the band Acres to Miles, who will take part in the Vic show, and who wrote some music specifically for the event.



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