The Shake ‘Em on Downs thrive on the classic ‘girl group’ sound

Nocturnal Journal with Dave Hoekstra

Back row: Steve Schuster, Dan Ingenthron, Dave Hoekstra, Jeff Phillipe, Danny Cohen. Front: Tammi Savoy, Natalie Felix, Megan Hoinkes

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Dave Hoekstra welcomes the Shake ‘Em on Downs, who pay tribute to the great groups of the 60’s and defining diva voices of today.

We hear some classic hits from groups like The Supremes and The Ronettes, and talk to producer/drummer/manager Jeff Phillippe about the process of putting the band together, and what inspired him to do so.  The girls talk about their musical backgrounds and what and individual voice can add to an ensemble, the art of naming a great beehive wig, and more.

The Shake ‘Em on Downs are:

Natalie Felix, Tammi Savoy and Megan Hoinkes- vocals


Danny Cohen- guitar

Steven Schuster- bass

Dan Ingenthron- keys

Jeff Phillippe- drums

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