Blues harp master Martin Lang talks Tail Dragger Jones’ historic Cook County Jail gig

Nocturnal Journal with Dave Hoekstra

Martin Lang (L) and Dave Hoekstra

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Dave Hoekstra visits with Chicago blues harp virtuoso Martin Lang, who joined veteran bluesman Tail Dragger (real name James Yancy Jones) on stage in the gymnasium at Cook County Jail for a landmark gig at 26th and California.

The show marked a return to County for Tail Dragger, now a free man, who did 17 months following an early 90’s dispute that left another blues artist dead.  Dave and Martin discuss Tail Dragger’s story, which consists of the classic blues elements of struggle and redemption, and what Lang learned about playing the blues from him, the historic context of blues music at the jail, and more.

You can read Dave’s  exclusive piece on the County show here.




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