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Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio began reviewing movies on The Roy Leonard Show in 1985. He started as “the guy who likes bad movies” (reviewing Critters, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, and the like). He studied at Columbia College and Roy saw him at a few screenings, talked to him and decided he’d be a good addition to his show. Eventually Nick became Roy’s co-host on his Saturday morning movie review segment. Since the late ’80s, Nick has been a guy who gave an alternate opinion and sometimes a controversial view to the films and plays released. Soon, Nick became a staple on Roy’s show and Steve King & Johnnie Putman’s show as well as a guest on several WGN Radio programs. Now he hosts his own program where he talks about pop culture, current events, hot topics… and of course, reviews the new films.

Nick grew up about five blocks away from Wrigley Field, is a die-hard Cubs fan and wishes the Cubs would vote Micky Morandini the best Cub ever! His interests include everything from plays (which he writes, directs and appears in), to music and books.

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