The Nick Digilio Show 8.24.20 | Chicago Paranormal Investigators, The Essential Guide to Bigfoot, It Came From Amazon!

Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio enjoys a JoJo display at his local Jewel-Osco. (photo taken by Nick’s Dad)

Hour 1:

+ Dave Olson, Chicago Paranormal Investigators

Hour 2:

+ Ken Gerhard, The Essential Guide to Bigfoot

Hour 3:

+ Woman who was pronounced dead begins breathing in funeral home

+ Common phobias, weird phobias

Hour 4:

+ It Came from Amazon!

+ Classic Carson: Johnny steals Lettrman’s Truck

Hour 5:

+ KFC drops “Finger Lickin’ Good” Slogan

+ Famous Slogans

Nick's Dad Tells a Joke

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