The Nick Digilio Show 7.9.20 | Author Philip Smith, Legendary Radio Broadcasts, Fast Food Merchandise

Nick Digilio
Nick Digilio’s Graveyard Shift Tour – The Programming Department and Refrigerator

In this edition of the Graveyard Shift Tour, Nick explores the offices of WGN’s Programming Department and the office refrigerator.

Hour 1:

+ Philip Smith, “Walking Through Walls”

+ Pickles good for dental health

Hour 2:

+ Nick vs. Ketchup

+ Legendary Radio Broadcasts

Hour 3:

+ Legendary Radio Broadcasts (cont.)

+ Your earliest memories of a major event

Hour 4:

+ Fast Food Merchandise

+ Classic Carson: Don Rickles

Hour 5:

+ You Big Dummy

+ Straight Outta Context

+ Nick D Show Spies

+ Fly Jamz Friday

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