The Nick Digilio Show 6.23.20 | The U.S. has gone firework crazy, musician Terry White, Center for UFO Studies

Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio enjoys a JoJo display at his local Jewel-Osco. (photo taken by Nick’s Dad)

Hour 1:

+ Firework complaints skyrocket 700% in Chicago

+ Listeners report their firework woes

Hour 2:

+ Musician Terry White

+ Goat paternity test

Hour 3:

+ Mark Rodeghier, President and Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

+ Art restorer ruins priceless painting

Hour 4:

+ Biggest work mistakes

+ Classic Carson: Carnac the Magnificent, 1984

Hour 5:

+ The Best “Yacht Rock” Songs

+ Know Your Onion!

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