The Nick Digilio Show 4.17.20 | Remembering Brian Dennehy, WWE declared “essential”, Friday Features

Nick Digilio
Nick’s Graveyard Tour – Part 7

Nick continues his late night tour of the WGN Radio offices in Chicago. He brags about his new award and wonders about Lou Manfredini’s apparent love of the theater. Listen to Nick Digilio…

Hour 1:

+ Remembering Brian Dennehy

+ Ted Time Company

Hour 2:

+ Mary DeRosa and Sarah Joy Shockey

+ Sequels that are better than the original

Hour 3:

+ Best Songs about Working

Hour 4

+ More Things People Should Know How to Do

+ Classic Carson: Carnac the Magnificent

Hour 5:

+ You Big Dummy

+ Straight Outta Context

+ Nick D Show Spies

+ Fly Jamz Friday

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