Nick Digilio 4.4.19 | Michael Osacky of Baseball in the Attic, Most Expensive Sport Memorabilia, Weirdest Collections

Nick Digilio
Nick Digilio’s Graveyard Shift Tour – Studio A and Traffic Central

WGN Radio’s Nick Digilio hosts the first of a series of videos taking viewers on a tour of the WGN Radio studios during the middle of the night. In this edition, Nick visits Studio A, the producer booth, and Traffic Central where he talks with Ted Novak.

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Hour 1:

+ Doc Emrick name drops Nick

+ Michael Osacky tells you the value of your sports memorabilia.

Hour 2:

+ Most Expensive Sport Memorabilia Ever Sold

+ Listeners share their collections

+ Valuable items you accidentally gave away

Hour 3:

+ Weirdest Collections

Hour 4:

+ More Weird Collections

+ Blackhawks Express

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