Nick Digilio 2.16.20 | Reviews of "Birds of Prey" and "Sonic the Hedgehog", Chicago Auto Show Recap, Forgotten 70s Shows, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke

Nick Digilio
Nick Digilio’s Graveyard Shift Tour – The Programming Department and Refrigerator

In this edition of the Graveyard Shift Tour, Nick explores the offices of WGN’s Programming Department and the office refrigerator.

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Hour 1:

+ Movie Reviews with Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy

Hour 2:

+ Chicago Auto Show Recap with Tom Appel

Hour 3:

+ Fun Facts about “Fantasy Island”

+ Forgotten 70s TV Shows

Hour 4:

+ Forgotten 70s TV Shows (cont.)

+ Classic stand up comedy from Gerry Shandling

Hour 5:

+ Looking back at King Tut Mania

+ Weird Facts about U.S. Presidents

+ Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke

+ Blackhawks Express


Nick's Dad Tells a Joke

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