Nick Digilio 1.9.20 | The Weirdest Tech out of CES, What Retro Gadgets are Worth, Strange Jobs, Vic's Picks and the Friday Features

Nick Digilio
Nick Digilio’s Graveyard Shift Tour – Master Control and Fridge

WGN Radio’s Nick Digilio continues his a series of videos taking viewers on a tour of the WGN Radio studios during the middle of the night. In this edition, Nick visits Master Control. Then he explores the station fridge where he is joined by Ted Novak.

Hour 1:

+ Coyote Attacks in Chicago

+  The Latest Tech from CES

Hour 2:

+ Retro Gadgets

Hour 3:

+ Retro Gadgets (cont.)

+ Strange Jobs

Hour 4:

+ Strange Jobs (cont.)

+ Vic’s Picks

Hour 5:

+ You Big Dummy

+ Straight Outta Context

+ Fly Jamz Friday

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Nick Digilio began reviewing movies on The Roy Leonard Show in 1985. (Click for more.)

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