Close encounters: Mark Rodeghier talks Roswell, the CIA and Chicago’s Center for UFO Studies

Nick Digilio

Northwestern University Astrophysicist, J. Allen Hynek, shown at a press conference, March 25, 1966, in Detroit, Mich. A newsman handed this photo to Hynek, and asked him if it was a flying saucer. Hynek described it as a chicken feeder and said that numerous sightings of recent unidentified flying objects in Michigan were probably the result of swamp gasses and not visitors from outer space. Hynek has studied and investigated UFOs for the past 15 years. (AP Photo/Alvin Quinn)

Mark Rodeghier, president of the Center for UFO Studies, joins Nick Digilio to talk about the academic approach to our search for extraterrestrial life. He traces the history of studying UFOs from Roswell to now and tells the story of J. Allen Hynek, the father of modern UFO research.

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