Brian Noonan 08.08.18: Helicopter Filming, Love/Hate Chores and Things You Shouldn’t Say Past 50

Nick Digilio

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 08: A seamstress irons a dress backstage at the Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2005 show during the Olympus Fashion Week at Bryant Park February 8, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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Brian Noonan (in for Nick Digilio) kicks off the show talking about a recent encounter with a rat and other past incidents with other vermin. He then welcomes helicopter cinematographer David Alan Arnold to discuss his amazing career, current project ‘Yellowstone Live’ and his new book.

Hour two features a little more of the conversation with Arnold. Then Brian reveals details about his new, small part on a hit TV show and his time acting.

A conversation about which chores you should do and which ones you should hire someone to do leads to a general discussion of the chores you like, the chores you hate and the chores you hate how your significant others does. He recounts a situation involving his daughter and how you react when something happens far away. He also provides an update on the Brady Bunch house.

Hour four features things both genders should not say past the age of 50, the dangers of heavy backpacks and a man who racked up $45,000 in tickets in just three hours.


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