Woman drags injured man off Michigan highway: ‘I had to get him’

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A good Samaritan came to a man’s rescue after a series of crashes snarled traffic on a Michigan highway Tuesday.

A man in his 40s from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area crashed on U.S. Highway 131 at around 4:30 a.m. As he got out of his car, it was hit by another vehicle, causing the man to be hit by his own car. The impact threw him into the traffic lanes.

Kristine Hills came upon the scene as she was driving north on her way to work.

“I seen something in the street,” Hills said. “I moved over to the next lane because I didn’t want to mess my car up running over whatever that was, and I looked over and I seen it was a guy.”

Hills said the man was unconscious and motionless on the roadway as vehicles traveling at highway speeds drove through the area.

“I’ve got to get this guy. I’ve got to get this guy,” Hills said. “That’s the only thing I thought of.”

She said the man was moaning as she dragged him to safety.

“You could see the gash in his head,” Hills said. “I had to get him out.”

At one point, a vehicle nearly hit both Hills and the man.

“I got to work and I cried,” she said. “I could have died today. I don’t understand how people would ride past that and not help.”

Hills said images from the ordeal haven’t left her mind. She also said she wonders how the man is doing.

“I hope that one day when he does — because I’m going to pray that he recovers — that I could meet him,” Hills said. “That would be really nice just to see that he is OK.”

Hills said she doesn’t feel like her actions were heroic, but she does believe the man would have been killed had she not helped him.

“I just did what I hope anybody else would do,” she said.

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