On May 28, The Davenport apartment building partially collapsed, and a TikTok user’s video about her time living at the complex has gone viral.

On Sunday, May 28, 2023 at approximately 4:55 p.m., the Davenport Fire Department and Davenport Police Department responded to the 324 Main Street for a report of a building collapse. (Katrina Rose, OurQuadCities.com)

Aurea Monet said she lived at The Davenport for seven months. “I ended up breaking my lease due to a crack appearing on my kitchen wall completely through a outlet,” Monet said. “The crack appeared shortly after they started construction on the outside back wall of the main floor. It wasn’t severe at the time, but it progressed quickly in days.”

She said she got out just in time. “I am sorry for the others who were truly affected. I got lucky,” Monet said. “If I would’ve stayed till the 30th like I planned, I could’ve been seriously injured.”

Monet was one of the lucky ones unaffected directly by the building collapse, and now, her TikTok video about her experience has gone viral. “I just want people to hear my experience and my story,” Monet said. “I wasn’t alone in this awful experience. I want my information and documents to help those who were affected as much as possible.”

TikTok user Aurea Monet shared her experience about living in the apartment building that collapsed, and now her video has gone viral. (Aurea Monet, TikTok)

Monet said she thinks the situation was avoidable. “I believe anyone who was hurt or lost things could’ve been prevented if the management was honest about the severity, vacated the units to other properties or something,” Monet said. “I don’t believe the building was structurally sound; not one bit.”

To watch Aurea Monet’s TikTok video about her experience, click here.