Some Americans are misusing bleach to fight coronavirus, CDC finds


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Americans are misusing bleach in the fight against the coronavirus.

The new research, published Friday in the CDC’s weekly health report, was based on an online panel survey of 502 adults in May of this year.

It found that 39 percent of people admitted to incorrectly using bleach and other cleaners and disinfectants.

Of those surveyed, 19 percent said they washed their food with disinfectant, while 18 percent said they used it on their skin.

Ten percent said they sprayed the products on their bodies, according to the survey.

Then there is the 4 percent of people surveyed who admitted to drinking or gargling bleach and other disinfectant solutions.

The CDC said these are high-risk practices and warn against doing them, saying it could cause adverse health effects.

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