Ottawa shootings stun Canada

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A gunman attacked Canada’s parliament on Wednesday, with shots fired near where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking, and a soldier was killed at a nearby war memorial, stunning the Canadian capital.

The gunman in the parliament building was shot dead, and Harper was safely removed. The killing of the Canadian soldier was the second this week with a possible link to Islamic militants.

Witness accounts indicated the man who shot dead the soldier guarding the National War Memorial in central Ottawa, went on to attack the parliament building minutes later. Canadian police said, however, they could not confirm it was the same person.

The shooting followed an attack on two soldiers in Quebec on Monday carried out by a convert to Islam. U.S. officials said they had been advised the dead gunman in Wednesday’s shootings was also a Canadian convert to Islam.

Canadian police were investigating a man named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as a possible suspect in Wednesday’s attack, said a source familiar with the matter. U.S. government sources said he was born Michael Joseph Hall but later changed his name.

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