Legendary Chicago radio voice Lin Brehmer died earlier today at age 68 following a battle with prostate cancer. His colleague Terri Hemmert posted a statement on the WXRT website saying “It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that we all lost our best friend. Lin Brehmer fought cancer as long as he could. He passed early this morning, peacefully, with his wife and son by his side.”

WGN Radio’s Bob Sirott says of Brehmer, “He was everybody’s best friend because he wasn’t an announcer, he was a real person on the air. Easy to relate to as he talked to tens of thousands of listeners one at a time. There’s going to be a real void in the Cubs roster of top fans now.”

Bob Sirott, Marianne Murciano and Lin Brehmer (Photo courtesy Bob Sirott)

WGN Radio’s Steve Bertrand says in a tribute, “Lin Brehmer was a giant…but that stature didn’t come from his long tenure in Chicago radio. That stature came from the joy and unbridled enthusiasm he carried with him every day and everywhere.”

WGN Radio’s John Williams writes:

“Episode 7 of last year’s The Bear – everyone’s favorite Chicago show- began with everyone’s favorite Chicago radio person:  “I’m Lin Brehmer,” he said over the opening credits, “your best friend in the whole world. It’s great to be alive!” 

When that episode dropped, I thought – what a nice tribute to him.  Any of us would have liked to get that nod.  But the show’s producers got it right.  Lin was the smart, funny, generous talented about-Chicago performer we all admired.   

I was not as regular a listener as many – tied up at WGN as my days are.  But I knew about him and always thought this of his work:  he made it sound easy.  He was smooth and interesting – a bonus track for someone playing music.  There were a few occasions when he reached out to me with a kind word.  And I thought then as I do now:  we need more people like Lin.”

From WGN Radio’s Lisa Dent:

“I’ll always treasure they years I spent in a studio next to his, both of us doing a morning radio show, except he was infinitely better. He truly was everyone’s best friend. 

The world is a bit dimmer now that we lost one of  Chicago’s brightest stars. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and fans. “

WGN Radio’s Lou Manfredini writes: “My wife and I had the pleasure of knowing Lin for a long time. We lived in the same neighborhood in Chicago. We spent one summer coaching our boys in baseball. But what we both shared was a deep devotion to Misericordia. We spent many days and nights helping to raise money for the cause.  Below is a picture of us at the First Look for Charity event at the Auto Show where he and I shared a stage together.  Sadly that will not happen again. May Lin Rest in Peace. And my love and prayers to his family and his radio family at XRT as well.”

Lou Manfredini and Lin Brehmer (Photo courtesy Lou Manfredini)

A couple of photos of Lin with some of his listeners on a Steve Bertrand Travel trip to Ireland:

Here’s Lin in 2019 on WGN-TV giving his recommendations for Lollapalooza: