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OLD FORGE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — President Donald Trump spoke to hundreds of supporters at Mariotti Building Products in Old Forge.

At the podium, Mr. Trump wasted no time in going after his 2020 opponent Joe Biden. He blamed Biden for higher taxes, weak border security, unemployment during the Obama Biden administration, Obamacare and more.

“The last four years we’ve been reversing Biden’s betrayals and delivering historic wins for the people of Pennsylvania. Your state lost over 50,000 manufacturing jobs when biden was vice president, in my first three years, pa gained 14,000 jobs,” President Trump said.

The president also highlighted his own accomplishments, pointing to the economy, lower tax rates, lowest unemployment rate for minorities, the border, how he handled COVID-19 in the beginning and more.

Mr. Trump said he does not think Biden has enough stamina for the campaign trail and fit for president. He says he can win Pennsylvania again this November by a larger margin than what he did four years ago with his accomplishments. Trump mentioned how many people were along the road supporting him.

Ahead of the president’s more than hour-long speech, Senator Bob Casey was among other Pennsylvania Democrats to hold a zoom conference in support of Joe Biden for president and against what he calls “Trump’s agenda.”

“People want a plan to tackle the virus, they want a job creation plan, and they also do not want the affordable care act to be destroyed and they don’t want cuts to medicare and medicaid. So I don’t know what the president will do other than smear Joe Biden,” Casey said.