Photos: Shedd’s two baby penguins need names – take our unofficial poll

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Press release from Shedd Aquarium:

After meeting critical development milestones, two Magellanic penguin chicks are ready for names

Shedd Aquarium announced today its two new Magellanic penguin chicks (Spheniscus magellanicus) hatched in May, are both females. A regular check-up with the aquarium’s veterinary team shows that the two birds are hitting all their growth milestones and a new test of biological samples taken from the chick’s eggshells helped determined their sexes since penguins’ reproductive organs are internal.

Chick 420, the oldest of the pair, is the larger chick and a great eater. The chick has been confident and curious while interacting with other birds and the training staff. Chick 421 is a bit smaller and more reserved than 420, and receiving care and personal attention from her parents and Shedd caretakers.

The chicks have been behind-the-scenes, socializing with other adult penguins and shedding their fluffy feathers for waterproof, adult feathers allowing for the young hatchlings to learn to swim and dive underwater. In anticipation for the chicks making their public debut on exhibit in the next week or so and joining the penguin colony, the aquarium plans to engage its membership family to choose names for the birds.

The aquarium’s members – a collective of more than 22,000 households of supporters and nature enthusiasts – will get the chance to choose names for the sibling penguin pair. Beginning Sunday, August 11 through Saturday, August 17, Shedd Aquarium’s members will have exclusive access to cast their ballot online. Name options for the vote have been provided by Shedd’s animal care team and reflect the native areas in South America where Magellanic penguins are found:

  • Calista and Carmen – for Isla Calista, Falkland Islands and Carmen, Argentina
  • Loma and Lively – for Punta Loma, Argentina and Lively Isle, Falkland Islands
  • May and Maile (MY-lee) – for Chilean islands
  • Rosie and Reina (RAY-na) – for Rosario, Argentina and Reina, Chile
  • Sara and Solis (SO-leese) – for Puerto Sara, in the Magellan Strait and Solis Islands, Buenos Aires

The winning names will be unveiled to Shedd’s members first, and subsequently shared with the general public. For those looking to become a member, renew a membership or gift a membership, visit Shedd’s website.

You can vote below in our unofficial poll:

Our unofficial poll is now closed and the winning names are Calista and Carmen. Click here to find out the results of Shedd Aquarium’s poll and the penguin chicks new names.

BACKGROUND: Shedd Aquarium, a leader in animal care, welcomed two Magellanic penguin chicks following the annual breeding season that began with nesting in late March. Both eggs were laid by the same pair of penguins – Chile and JR. The newest penguin arrivals are Shedd’s second and third Magellanic chicks born and bred at the aquarium, after Nia in 2018.

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