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CHICAGO — Brothers Adam and Aaron Keefner really like Old Style.

The siblings always have the beer chilling in their fridge, even though Aaron has worked for Goose Island for four years. And they’ve gone out of their way to find city and suburban bars that hang the iconic Old Style sign outside as part of their “Old Style Bar Project” blog.

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The brothers have been to 54 bars that feature the sign out front, sharing the establishments’ atmosphere, food offerings, decor and how much each charges for an Old Style. The blog also has a map of where they’ve been, including a few dozen spots on the North and Northwest sides.

“It’s been cool going to random bars where we’re the only ones speaking English,” said Adam Keefner, 38, a former North Sider who now lives in Munster, Ind. “We don’t tell people what we’re doing. We just go in and order a beer.”

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