New nap lounge opens downtown to allow you to catch some mid-day 'Z's

Neighborhood News

ReJuve Rejuvenation Suites (Photo courtesy ReJuve Rejuvenation Suites)

If you’ve ever felt you could use a quick rest in the middle of your workday, a new nap lounge downtown may be your answer. Rejuvenation Suites has just opened in Block 37 offering sleeping spaces, including beanbags chairs, reclining chairs and mattresses, to take a quick mid-day power nap. The original focus was for professionals looking to re-energize between meetings but it turns out that other frequent customers include theater-goers hoping to reboot between a busy day and a night at a show. There are plans to expand the operation to more locations, including airports. For more information, visit

Here’s WGN Radio’s Kim Gordon with more details on this Wintrust Neighborhood News story:

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