Judge Barrett fields questions on Day 2 of Senate hearings

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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The president’s nominee to the Supreme Court fielded questions from senators during the second day of confirmation hearings.

Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked whether Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s personal religious beliefs influence her rulings.

“Can you set aside whatever Catholic beliefs you have regarding any issues before you?” he asked.

Barrett answered, “I can, I have done that in my time in the seventh circuit.”

California Senator Dianne Feinstein took issue with Barrett not answering whether she things the landmark abortion case — Roe v. Wade — was wrongly decided.

“It’s distressing not to get a straight answer so let me try again: do you agree with Justice Scalia’s view that Roe was wrongly decided?” Feinstein asked.

Barrett answered, “I can’t pre-commit or say I’m going in with some agenda, because I’m not.”

Judge Barrett told Senator Chuck Grassley she also has no agenda to strike down the Affordable Care Act.

“Have you committed to the president or anyone else that you will vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act if confirmed to the court?” Grassley asked.

“Absolutely not,” answered Barrett.

Democrats like Senator Dick Durban say there’s a reason they believe Barrett could have pre-set judgements on certain cases.

“Could it have come from the president’s tweets — of what he expects a Supreme Court nominee to do politically for him? That’s where it comes from,” said Durbin.

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