Inclusive emojis: Transgender flag, male bride among new icons expected in the next iPhone operating system


In this 2016 file photo a student uses a touch screen to brows emoji at school. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

SAN FRANCISCO (NEXSTAR) – If you’ve been longing for a boba tea emoji to add to your text messages, the anguish is nearly over. A sneak peek at the next Apple operating system indicates that it will feature plenty of new food items and cute animals, but also a number of icons clearly aimed at making messages more inclusive.

As the emojipedia blog was first to report, iOS 14.2 is still testing, but when it is ready for prime time users can expect to find several new emojis that counter existing gender norms. Perhaps most notably, emojis will now exist for men in a wedding veil and women in a tuxedo.

On the list below you’ll also find both men and women bottle-feeding a baby, female Santa, a transgender flag, and a transgender alternative to the common symbols for male and female.

The new emojis were approved by a governing body known as Unicode in January, but each platform vendor has some ability to create its own designs. This beta release is our first full look at what will be available on iPhone, according to Emojipdedia.

The Unicode consortium has previously added skin tones, the LGBT pride flag and multiple genders of various career emojis in an effort to make the icons more representative of all users.

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