Granite City basketball coach fired for ‘Black Live Matter’ Facebook comment, appeals decision

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GRANITE CITY, IL – A Granite City District #9 basketball coach is fired after making a controversial comment on Facebook about the Black Lives Matter organization.

Former Granite City Basketball Coach Christine Bailey isn’t taking her termination lightly after she admits to making a comment on Facebook calling Black Lives Matter organization a terrorist group.

“I didn’t state anything derogatory, everything I stated was based on facts,” said Bailey. “My comments were that the Black Lives Matter was terrorist and criminal. That was it. There was no mention of color, race, anything derogatory in that manner but they turned it into just that.”

Once the Granite City School Board and Superintendent got word of the post, they severed ties with the basketball coach immediately.

Superintendent Stephanie Cann said in a statement:

“Granite City School District #9 has no tolerance for racism, bigotry or hateful acts or words. While we have provided bias training to all district administration, we can and will do more.”

Meanwhile, Bailey says she was blindsided by the district and doesn’t believe she said anything wrong.

“It was about Black Lives Matter being just that criminal and terrorist,” she said. “We see what they’re doing to this country, we’re not blind to it.”

As Bailey takes on the school board, she has hundreds of supporters with her.

A Facebook group has nearly 800 people and a few dozen showing up to the board meeting on Tuesday.

“Christina is opinionated and, as we all are, I think she should be allowed to voice her opinion,” said Mary Bailey, her mother-in-law.

Tuesday’s meeting allowed Bailey to appeal the board’s decision and defend her comments.

She even brought along her best friend, political hopeful Peggy Hubbard, to help.

“It sends a bad message to an American, white American, that if you speak out and use your constitutional first amendment right that you can be targeted by individuals that do not see eye to eye with you,” said Hubbard.

The basketball coach claims she wasn’t aware of the district’s social media policy until she met with them about her controversial comments.

However, a copy of the 2020 handbook shows personnel must sign and date acknowledging they agree to comply with the social media requirements.

Still – Bailey says this is all a violation of her free speech.

“This isn’t just me this is happening to me,“ she said. “This is happening across the country and it must stop.”

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