Gov. Pritzker signs legislation to expand healthcare access in Illinois


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.Gov. Pritzker is expected to sign major legislation today that will expand access to healthcare across the state and make it affordable for all Illinoisians. The General Assembly passed the Medicaid Omnibus bill earlier this year.

Gov. Pritzker made it official while visiting a Red Cross Blood donation drive outside Chicago.

He said the legislation will emphasize the importance of a healthcare system that serves everyone no matter their zip code, skin color, language, or circumstance.

The legislation also expands emergency Medicaid coverage for months to come including those who weren’t yet qualified.

“Many Illinoisians who suddenly found themselves in need of Medicaid coverage in the face of COVID-19 now won’t find the rug pulled out from under them,” said Gov. Pritzker.

Gov. Pritzker thanked the advocates who helped get the legislation to his desk. He said this bill is a product of a bipartisan Medicare legislative working group. The governor says few other states have a dedicated committee that annually looks at how to make healthcare better for those who use Medicaid.

“Healthcare is a human right. Here in Illinois, we won’t stop until everyone can access all aspects of it,” said Gov. Pritzker. He explained this legislation gets the state one step closer to that reality.

 Earlier this year, Gov. Pritzker signed the Health Care and Human Services Reform act into law to expand health equity across Illinois.

The legislation takes action to address health inequities and obstacles. It also establishes new programs, increases oversight and training, builds a Community Health Worker certification program, and improves transparency.

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