Florida parents sue over mask mandate for students


SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — Families in one Florida community have now filed a lawsuit against the Sarasota County School Board over a mandate requiring students to wear face coverings at schools.

The parents, Amy Cook, Gustavo Collazo and Catherine Gonzales are seeking an immediate injunction to allow students in school without face coverings.

Tampa Attorney Patrick Leduc filed the lawsuit for the parents and says it’s about giving all students a fair chance at an equal education.

“I want to empower parents who love their children more than government, who know their children better than government and understand whether a brick and mortar situation is better than E-learning,” said Leduc who says the current situation is creating a separate and unequal learning situation.

“When you wear a mask the FDA makes clear when a mask is being worn for source control it’s a medical device, again that’s a parents decision what medical devices their children are going to be compelled to use,” said Leduc.

Health care professionals including Dr. Manuel Gordillo who is the Medical Director for Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s prevention and control.

Dr. Gordillo recently told the Sarasota County School Board that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have done a great deal of research into face coverings and all agree they do help.

“All this evidence is in strong support in the use of masks,” said Dr. Gordillo.

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