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WHEELING, Ill. — A family coping with the death of a loved one has also fallen victim to two financial scams since the tragedy.

Daniel Nepo, 16, would have been a senior at Stevenson High School. He died by suicide last Wednesday.

A few days later, the family says a fake GoFundMe account was created and inactivated.

The family is now not only dealing with the loss of their loved one but also dealing with the headache of being scammed twice.  

A spokesperson for the site said the funds have not been released and are being held by their payment processor. 

To add to the headache, they say friends and family members told them someone at the funeral was claiming to collect funds for the family, something they say they never approved of and only realized until after the funeral.  

Now the family says they want their story told to raise awareness for families and teens to seek help if needed and for those people preying on their sorrow and loss to be held responsible. 

On top of filing a police report, the family says they have acquired an attorney.

“A parent should not be burying their child,” Nepo’s father said. “It should have been the other way around. I should have been first.”

GoFundMe me says if any donor would like to request a refund in the meantime, they will process it for them.