SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – Democrats celebrated the Illinois Governor’s Day at the fair rallying together to push for gaining more power on election day.  

“Democrats deliver,” Governor J.B. Pritzker said. “And we’ve delivered so much over the last four years, I had to bring a cheat sheet.”

The party was not shy in showing off their accomplishments under the Pritzker administration, frequently boasting the six credit upgrades the state received, as well as bills they passed like an increased minimum wage and more funding for clean energy. 

But one promise that Democratic lawmakers may not keep is for a special session for more abortion rights for out of state.

“I am calling the General Assembly into special session in the coming weeks, with the support and consultation of House Speaker Chris Welch and Senate President Don Harmon,” Pritzker said in a statement the day Roe v. Wade was overturned. “Together, we are committed to taking swift action to further enshrine our commitment to reproductive health care rights.”

All talks of new legislation since have been behind closed doors. Pritzker said earlier this week he won’t request a special session unless they meet his criteria. 

“The question is, can they come up with a compromise or, you know, bills that will meet my requirements that could get done before the new session,” he said. 

Pro-abortion rights advocates said if Illinois politicians break the promise of a special session, it’s not a big worry for them.  

“We didn’t need a special session, because we already have the most progressive laws in the Midwest,” Jennifer Welch, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, said.

While they celebrated an improved fiscal situation, party leaders said they still see more work that needs to be done. 

“Not only have we put money into the state’s rainy day fund at a pretty significant amount, but we’re also getting some of that money back to taxpayers because it’s their money,” Mendoza said. “But moving forward, we still need to stabilize our reserves better.”

The Republican candidate for governor, Darren Bailey, released a new ad in time for the festivities, criticizing Pritzker’s spending and legislation on crime.    

“Four years ago, J.B. Pritzker promised to ‘think big’ in his campaign video, but bigger isn’t better when it comes to crime, taxes, and inflation,” Darren Bailey said. “Under J.B. Pritzker’s failed leadership, Illinois crime has skyrocketed and we now have the second-highest gas tax in the country.” 

The next day of the fair is Republican Day, where several statewide and local candidates will give speeches, including Bailey.