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It’s too soon to say the latest surge in Covid hospitalizations in Illinois has peaked; but they’ve certainly plateaued. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports 7,219 hospitalized patients tested positive for Covid-19.  The number of Covid patients has now remained relatively flat since January 5.  New hospital admissions among Covid positive patients are at their lowest level since January 3.

The timing is consistent with the path the Omicron variant travelled in South Africa, where it was first discovered.  New York City is reporting Covid cases have levelled-off in recent days.  

Amidst near-record levels of testing, Illinois is reporting a daily average of 32,501 news cases in the past week and has yet to see a trend of declining case counts.  It’s also important to note Covid-related deaths continue to rise, with 144 additional deaths reported Wednesday.  Illinois is now averaging 93 Covid deaths per day, a level not seen since January 15, 2021.

As WGN has previously reported, Illinois counts all patients who test positive for Covid-19 while hospitalized are counted as “Covid patients.”