BIKER DAD: Thieves swipe motorcycle that belonged to wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage


MASON CITY, Iowa (WKRG/BIKER DAD) — When professional wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage was preparing to put the smackdown on Sturgis, South Dakota in the 1990s he wanted to do it in true biker style. He was preparing for the World Championship Wrestling pay-per-view event “WCW Hog Wild” taking place in the town known as a motorcycle mecca.

Savage ordered a custom motorcycle for nearly $60 thousand and had it delivered all the way from California to his home in Tampa, Florida. That’s according to former wrestling manager Sonny Onoo, who now owns the bike. But that unique piece of motorcycle and Macho Man history has now vanished. Onoo says the Macho Man bike and two others were stolen from his warehouse in Mason City Iowa. Now he hopes people will share pictures of the motorcycle and the others so he can get them back.

Onoo told the Biker Dad blog the funny story of the day Macho Man took delivery of the bike and why he didn’t own it for very long. Onoo says the bike was delivered to Macho Man’s Florida condo by the famous motorcycle designers, Carlini Customs. Savage hopped on the bike and asked the person who delivered it “where’s the reverse?” After realizing the wrestler was serious, it was clear he had never ridden a motorcycle. Onoo says Macho Man dropped the bike right there in the driveway while it was running. After that he said, “I don’t want it.”

That’s when Onoo says he got a call from WCW President Eric Bischoff asking him if he wanted the bike. He’s had it ever since. “It’s not like someone could get rid of the bike, sell it,” Onoo said in a phone call with WKRG News 5, “it’s just too recognizable. And that’s just what he’s counting on, that you’ll share this story and help get the Macho Man bike back.

Another stolen bike also belonged to pro wrestler Perry Saturn.

Onoo is also offering a cash reward, to that we believe Macho Man would say “oooooooh yeaaaaah!”

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Chris Best is the News Director for WKRG. He’s a husband and father of four. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast.


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