ST. LOUIS (WMBD) — Ameren Illinois announced Wednesday that its employees have wrapped up practice and are on their way to compete in the “Lineman Olympics”.

According to an Ameren news release, lineworkers, apprentices and judges are on their way to Overland Park, Kan., to participate in the 39th annual International Lineman Rodeo, which will be held on Oct. 13-14.

The rodeo is expected to bring together some of the most talented utility workers from around the world to compete in tasks performed by lineworkers and apprentices.

“The rodeo is all about our lineworkers competing to the best of their abilities in a safe manner,” said Craig Gilson, vice president of electric operations for Ameren Illinois. “It also gives family members an up-close look at what it takes to do this type of work on an everyday basis.”

Jason Novack is an Ameren Illinois lineworker who has participated in the rodeo for several years and had previously won the hurtman rescue event.

“A 175-pound dummy is hung up in the air to simulate an injured coworker,” he said. “You start the event with your tools laying on the ground. You put your tools on, climb the 40-foot pole, tie the dummy off and safely lower him to the ground without dropping him.”

Ameren is sending a combined 48 linemen, 26 apprentices, and 51 judges from both Illinois and Missouri. Ameren held a competition earlier this year to decide who would participate.