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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Is it love at first billboard? That’s the strategy a man who moved to Central Texas six months ago is hoping will find him a woman to spend the rest of his days with.

Jim Bays, 66, moved to Texas earlier this year because he “wanted to come to the freeist place on the Earth.” Bays has roots in Washington State and California.

Turns out, finding love in Central Texas hasn’t resulted in any long-term love prospects yet, but Bays is looking to change that.

“I’m an older guy now and here I am, I’m busy with my business and I don’t know what kind of page a woman is on when I happen to run into her at the store or LA Fitness,” Bays explained.

Bays decided he was going to think outside the box a little bit, that’s just how he rolls. The idea first came to him while he was driving into Texas. A few months later he saw a billboard for sale on Highway 29 just east of Bertram and that was that.

“What you see is something that took several months to really bear fruit,” Bays said.

While the photo of Bays isn’t the one he would have picked for himself, the woman at the billboard company thought it would look best. The board reads: “Wanted, a good woman. 50-55ish. For talks & walks & mutual acts of kindness.

At the bottom of the billboard is a number which connects to a phone Bays set up for his quest. You might get Bays’ voicemail which asks you to leave a message explaining where you’re from and he’ll kindly get back to you.

Who is Jim Bays?

So you might be wondering, who is this guy? Is he good enough for me? Why is he still single at the ripe age of 66-years-old? Bays was kind enough to let KXAN interrogate him on his personal life so that you have a little background before calling.

“I’m 0 for 2,” Bays laughed when we asked why he had put the billboard up. Bays has been married and divorced twice, he has five kids between the two marriages, his youngest is 12.

“I get better over time,” he added. Bays was married eight years to his first wife and 19 years to the second. He admits he thought his second marriage would be his last.

“Looking back on it, I’m in a real stressful business and it takes up a lot of my time,” Bays started. He explained his youngest daughters are dancers, and that his ex-wife was a dedicated dance mom. Between dance, general life, and Bays’ job, the couple drifted apart.

“I think I shot myself in the foot. Oh well, life is life. Live and learn,” Bays said.

Bays is a business guy, who spends most of his time building houses. That job does require some time away from home, he admits, but he tries to work in chunks and then take breaks between big projects.

Please note: KXAN did a quick background check on Bays that did not result in any startling criminal activity.

Are you the future Mrs. Bays?

When pressured to describe his perfect woman, Bays joked that “Jennifer Aniston’s not bad.”

“I’m kidding…a little bit,” he added, saying based on the personality she plays on TV, he imagines she would fit into his family with her big personality (we don’t buy the personality part).

If Jennifer Aniston somehow doesn’t see the billboard in rural Central Texas though, Bays says he’s looking for a woman who is “acceptably attractive” and someone that he likes to listen to.

“I’m just looking for a nice woman to spend the rest of my days walking talking and doing kindnesses,” Bays said.

Is the billboard working?

It’s not just KXAN that’s calling Bays. He says the billboard has scored him half a dozen dates already. He’s working to find someone who he shares the perfect chemistry with.

Bays also says he’s received roughly two dozen voicemails from interested women.

If you’re interested, the number to call is (512)763-6187.