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An 11-year-old boy with a mission to deliver donuts to every police officer in America visited the Chicago Police Department this weekend.

Tyler Carach visited officers in Districts 18, 1, 12 and 9 according to his Twitter page.

But it was the 14th Shakespeare District that took it to a new level.

“In 14th District fashion, we, of course, had to ask what was the most donuts eaten by a police officer at one of Tyler’s visits,” explained CAPS Officer Thomas MacNamara, “and the answer to that was 13 by an officer in the New Jersey State Patrol.”

Officer Matthew Dorsen took down 14 donuts, but when Officer Alex Moreno of the tactical unit heard of the new record, he broke it by eating 15.

Officer MacNamara expressed that the department is proud of their record.

Tyler has already visited police departments 41 states since 2016.

WGN Radio’s Jen DeSalvo reports:

More information and a photo gallery can be found at Tyler’s website