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What if we told you scientists have already started forecasting the weather for 2050 and they have a pretty good idea what it’ll be like in Chicago? In this first installment of ‘What’s Up?!’ you’ll hear from NASA scientists, WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling and Rao Kotamarthi from the Climate Research Section at Argonne National Lab in suburban Chicago.


Kotamarthi and colleague Jiali Wang recently completed the highest resolution climate forecast ever done for North America. The model will project what the climate will look like 100-years from now. The model will also be better at predicting seasonal features, like Southwestern monsoons.  Their simulation has predicted less rain over the southwest U-S but more on the eastern seaboard and much of Canada. Those effect will intensify later in the century.

All of this comes as NASA releases new data showing Earth’s climate getting warmer and warmer with human-caused global warming driving temperatures to levels never before seen since instrument records began in 1880.  A separate report shows the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover fell to the lowest level in 37 years of record keeping. The Arctic’s an important gauge of climate change because it’s warming at a faster rate than the rest of the planet.

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