T’was a Famous Victory: Why? How? and What Now?

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On Wednesday night–at our WGN studio–we drew together two members of our “A-Team” and a major “Democratic Strategist.” They are: old friend and regular Chris Robling (see and hear our last podcast, “The Consciousness of a Conservative;”) the Chicago Tribune’s great editorial cartoonist, Scott Stantis: and joining us for the first time, Kevin Lampe who really is and has long been an election manager and consultant for Democratic party candidates.

One pleasure of podcasting as opposed to terrestrial broadcasting is that you don’t have to stop the action for commercial breaks. Thus, in rapid order, our friendly combatants, zero in on a number of expected and unexpected issues and questions.

Among them are:
T-Tip. Whazzat?

Obama’s personality as a factor in the great humiliation of his party

32 million green cards for illegals and Republican responsibility for encouraging border-jumping

As campaigners, all new Republican Senators  called for full repeal of Obamacare

How the life of one of the discussants may have been saved by Obamacare

The banning of the  pipeline and the planned death of coal

Hillary as failed campaigner

The continuing war within the Republican Party

Obama’s penchant for “executive actions” and what the new majority (and the Supreme Court?) might do about it

Racism, sexism, homophobia and the minimum wage as worn-out Democratic ploys

And, oh yes, our problems elsewhere, including Iraq, ISIS, Putin and Ukraine, the Chinese challenge

As we closed the discussion I remembered but resisted mentioning the time in 1995 when that young lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School came to promote his first book on our radio program

Listeners and downloaders: Please join in and give us your reactions to the discussion and the questions  posed and left less-than-fully resolved.

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