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Guest: Adam Bellow

Of the making of books there is no end. So says the Book of Ecclesiastes. . But according to Adam Bellow, son of Saul, the strong liberal or “progressive” tilt of modern fiction is not counter-balanced by conservative or “traditionalist” fiction. As a leading publisher of conservative writers such as Charles Murray and Dinesh deSousa and, as influenced by his father and his father’s close associate, Alan Bloom, Bellow has undertaken to stimulate, encourage and “print” fiction that reflects conservative and traditionalist values.

In this podcast we discuss with him: how he transited from “Zabar’s liberal” to neoconservative; how his Liberty Island web site presents and stimulates short stories and essays in the conservative mode; and, most newsworthy, the new conservative genre novels he is about to launch.

Also emergent in this conversation is a good deal of engaging representation of the lives and relationship of Saul the father and Adam the son.