Nous Sommes Etonees

Milt Rosenberg's Extension 720
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Guest: Charles Lipson
“Je suis Charlie” and “je suis juif” provide the model for the title above which, though lacking the required accents aigus, means that we are astonished. The “we” is me and my guest, Charles Lipson, member of our old A Team and one of the country’s five leading political scientists (by Rosenberg Ranking). Astonished by what? By the man who wasn’t there. Where? In Paris, of course.Yet other things about the recent performance of our old colleague from the University of Chicago continue to astonish, among them his inability to call Islamic terrorism what it is. As usual with Charles the conversation wanders in many correlated directions including:  the talent level of the President’s foreign policy advisors, the appalling consequences that followed from the stance announced way back in the Cairo speech and, probably essential for the rest of the century, the required policy for playing through the struggle with recidivist and homicidal Jihadism.Returning to the francophilic mode…Ca va? Your opinions and reactions would be most welcome.

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