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James “The Amazing” Randi, a magician who became known for challenging psychics and others claiming to have supernatural powers that he felt were nothing more than cons being used to swindle vulnerable people out of their money, has died at age 92. Over the years, he visited with WGN Radio’s Milt Rosenberg many times on the air, discussing his efforts as a skeptic to debunk those he felt were frauds. Here are three of those segments:

An excerpt from a show from the 1970s where Randi demonstrates some of the techniques used by psychics as he “reads the mind” of a caller:

From July 30, 1986, James Randi joins Milt Rosenberg to discuss an appearance the previous night on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and his investigations into psychic fraud:

A full show featuring a discussion of the prophecies of Nostradamus, rebroadcast on February 8, 2012, original airdate unavailable: