Will robots take over American jobs? Film makers discuss documentary, claims “we fear things that make our lives better”

Matt Bubala

James Shelley and Elizabeth Cobbs (GI Film Festival San Diego Facebook)

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Film makers James Shelley and Elizabeth Cobbs join the Matt Bubala Show to discuss their new PBS documentary, CyberWork and The American Dream.  This documentary analyzes whether or not technology will take away America’s “good” jobs. Shelley says that artificial intelligence isn’t something new. “There is a primal fear of our inventions,” Shelley says. “We have this fear of the things that make our lives better, it’s part of human nature.” Cobbs and Shelly break down these different types of fears for listeners. Will humans eventually be replaced by technology in the job market? Shelley adds that it’s not about the amount of jobs, it’s about the quality. Cobbs describes an interview with Thomas Friedman from the New York Times on the evolution of job skills and tasks. He explains that people have worked with their hands and heads. However, those irreplaceable jobs are the ones where people work with their hearts, like working with the elderly or teaching. Cobbs says there is a struggle to better compensate those jobs to continue to do them well.

For more information on the documentary, visit the link here. The duo will be in Chicago on May 14 from 6-8pm hosting a free event at Northwestern University. To register for the event, check out Eventbrite.



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