When will humans be on Mars? Space expert talks Mars rovers, colonization and Trump’s space technology policy

Matt Bubala

NASASpaceFlight.com’s Chris Gebhardt

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Chris Gebhardt, Assistant Managing Editor of nasaspaceflight.com joins The Matt Bubala Show to catch up on space exploration. This week, he talks about two rovers on Mars: Curiosity and Opportunity. Currently, Opportunity is in trouble due to a dust storm. At the end of May, an orbiting space craft picked up hints of a localized dust storm moving quickly toward the rover.

Gebhardt says, “despite what we think of popular culture, dust storms are not that common for Mars. The last known dust storm was in 2007, but Gebhardt says this current storm is much more severe.  This was a good test to see how the rover would hold up. Gebhardt says Opportunity landed in 2004 and what was supposed to be a three month mission has lasted 14 years. Curiosity landed in 2012.


Tune in to the full podcast to talk the anticipated outcome of these rovers, along with thoughts on President Trump recently directing officials to establish a military Space Force.







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