What are the odds of impeaching Trump? Opposition researcher talks political candidates

Matt Bubala

Political Opposition Researcher Sonia Van Meter

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Future Martian and Democratic opposition researcher based in Texas, Sonia Van Meter joins Matt Bubala for the first show of 2018 to talk political candidates, the growing role of women in politics, Michael Wolff’s book and the possibility of President Trump leaving office.  One theory is that Democrats want Trump in office for as long as possible because Van Meter says, “Trump has done a lot for Democrats. He’s the gift that keeps on giving,  he can fundraise.  But other thing is, it’s easy to get cynical in a time like this. While he does motivate, this is straight up dangerous territory for us a  country.  Scandals are fun and easy to laugh at but at the end of the day, we are still talking about a White House and an executive branch that’s so open to attack from foreign and domestic [sides].”

Van Meter talks with listeners about their thoughts and Trump in the new year. She explains, “it doesn’t matter if you are stronger, smarter better. It’s what do voters want and what are they feeling.” Sonia Van Meter thinks “it’s time for the next generation to get in there and do their thing. It’s time for the new blood.” For the first time in my life, I’m working with just as many female candidates as male [candidates] and that’s never happened before.”

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