Was it possible the MH370 crash was a murder/suicide scenario? Accident investigator shares details

Matt Bubala

Investigator and author Larry Vance (Vance)

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It has been over four years since the Malaysian airplane MH370 disappeared and there is still speculation about what really happened. 239 people were on board that night.  Some investigators describe the MH370 disappearance as the “greatest mystery in the history of aviation.” One man is confident he has the answers. Larry Vance has spent a lifetime in aviation as a professional accident investigator who has led several high profile investigations world wide. Vance is also the author of the book MH370: Mystery Solved.

Officials on the investigation confirmed that there was some physical evidence found. Vance says that the pieces that floated to the coast of Africa were found with serial numbers that traced back to MH370. Even with this evidence, there are still disputes about the crash. Vance says that two of the major pieces found were flaps that appeared to be extended before the crash occurred. These witness marks were compared and Vance’s team concurred that the pilot had to be in control of the plane to extend the flaps.  Other evidence found on the pieces indicate that the flaps entered the water at a low speed.

Other theories state that a catastrophic event like a fire occurred that destroyed equipment. Vance says this isn’t likely, based on the the evidence that the autopilot would not have continued working. Vance says that the flight was in the air for another six or seven hours. If there was a fire, the plane would have crashed within twenty minutes.

Tune in to the full conversation to hear Vance explain the pilot’s flying patterns and habits. For more information on his work or to purchase his book, check out website.

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