Thinking twice about airline safety: author shares details of the Flight 981 crash

Matt Bubala

Author Sammie Chittum (Courtesy of Chuck Monroe)

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The daughter and sister of airplane designers, Samme Chittum, re-tells the story in her book about The Flight 981 disaster on March 3, 1974. Chittum says she “approaches the book as a story” or a journalist.  She spent time looking at documents from the crash. Flight 981 was originally on a Turkish airliner  going from Paris to London. Builder McDonnell Douglas and the FFA knew there were mechanical flaws when passengers boarded the plane. The flight crashed into a forest in France and 346 people died. “It was so horrible and heartbreaking going through the cockpit voice recorder that it all came back again in a very profound way.”  Chittum’s research hopes it helps others understand more about plane crashes, what causes them and how to prevent them.

To purchase Chittum’s book, “The Flight 981 Disaster: Tragedy, Treachery, and the Pursuit of the Truth” click here.

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