The right to bear arms: Former prosecutor reflects on FL shooting

Matt Bubala

Author KrisAnne Hall (Courtesy of Janet McAuliffe)

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KrisAnne Hall is a former prosecutor for the state of Florida, and currently travels the country teaching history of the Constitution.

Valentine’s Day, a gunman and former student killed seventeen people in a Parkland, FL high school, which has sparked debate over the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun laws.

Hall believes that the Constitution is not open to interpretation because it is not a “living, breathing document.” The only way it’s open through change is through the official Article Five,” Hall says.  Matt Bubala disagrees. What else does America have to interpret? What do the Constitutional amendments mean for America hundreds of years later? “Amendments have to be done by the government through judicial opinion. What we’re really saying then, is it’s not a Constitutional republic but a banana republic,” Hall says. The Constitution was based on timeless principles. They drafters of the Constitution didn’t have to guess.” She argues that to change this principle is to deny history and truth. Tune in to the full podcast as Matt Bubala, Hall and listeners debate the laws of the Constitution and gun control.





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